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About Re Store

ReStore is a Social Enterprise that supports people coming out of sexual exploitation to reclaim a life of independence and freedom. We aim to provide an alternative career path that frees our beneficiaries from their current bondage and provide training programs where they can realize their renewed identities and capabilities. Discovering their potential enables them to re-imagine a positive and fulfilling life and empowers them to be reintegrated back into their communities.


Our beautiful range of products are the result of our beneficiaries discovering their talents. 100% of our profits go directly into the beneficiaries' exit funds, which supports their new career paths


Our mission is to:


We empower men and women caught in exploitation to reclaim a life of autonomy.



We provide a holistic care program and skills training for all our beneficiaries to recover their talents and abilities.



We walk alongside every individual, helping them discover their intrinsic value, leaving behind their past and restoring self acceptance and dignity.

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